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    My first night alone camping... Before I tell about my trip to Gaustatoppen I have to share something with you... On this trip I had my very first overnight stay, alone, in a tent. This is something I have said that I NEVER would consider to do. Just the thoughts about it gave me the creeps... BUT after many hiking trips the thought of going on a longer trip by my self has grown. Before I would have booked a hotelroom, but not this time. This time I was ready to challenge myself. And it went great! I actually slept pretty well to! I spent the night at Sandviken camping,…

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    The Child Wanderer Path

    After 7 days and 152 km we completed the expedition. It is unbelievable to think that kids all the way down to the age of 7 years old walked this road, BAREFOOT! In short, the child wandering started about 1800s. The children grew up in tight conditions and several in great distress. Children from the inner villages west of Agder walked to Kristiansand's area and further east to work on rich farms so that they could survive. Some of their work tasks were cooking, herding and slaughtering. The children left home in April and returned home in October / November. This lasted until around 1910, when the emigration to USA started.The…

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    New hiking equipment

    I have bought new hiking equipment! I can't wait to try it out. Are you excited about what it is?I bought a new sleeping mat!So far I have only tested it in the living room, but the comfort is already 10x better than the thin summer mat I had. A good tip is to look at the R-value of the sleeping mat. In short, the R-value says something about the ability of insulation to resist heat flow. And in short it can be said that the higher the R-value, the better the ability of insulation. The sleeping mat has a R-value of 4.4 (it can withstand temperature down to -13…

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    New hiking trip: Lista – Kvinesheia – Kvås

    Hey there! In this post I have mentioned some Norwegian locations. Maybe this is not that interresting for you guys who don't live here in Norway? So bear with me and leave a comment if you have some improvement tips. I have taken a lot of pictures and I hope you get inspired by the Norwegian nature and landscape!   Lately I've been hiking a lot and I've been testing out several new hiking spots that I'm looking forward to sharing with you ... But before I go on about my experiences, I must say that this is a difficult time for many. Covid-19 spread so quickly and I can…

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    Øigard by the lake Sirdalsvatnet

    I've tested out a new tour spot! Always exciting!!You can find Øigard in Ersdal by Sira, Norway. It was quite cold outside compared to what I was expecting, but as soon as I entered the forest, the temperature became okay.You enter the forest where several of the trees are broken and scattered around. Everything is green and covered in moss. Even the trees are covered with moss and lots of mushrooms. It's windless and the only thing you hear is the sound of the trees squeaking, the birds chirping and the sound of a stream ...Here everything grows freely. Deeper into the woods you can hear the soothing sound of streams.…

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    Bøensbakken. One of my favorite places to visit in Farsund, Norway. Bøensbakken is a steadily rising dirtroad overlooking the water Framvaren. It was the first road between Farsund, Lista and Herad. Imagine, it was open to traffic in 1904 - 1965. If you are in the area then this is definitely a place worth visiting.  Kilder: Bøensbakken

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    Hello World!

     I've started blogging! I've been working on this website for about one month now. In addition, I am doing some movie and video editing. Clips are posted gradually. What are your thoughts on blogging? Is that stupid? Or maybe it is a little fun? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment box. I'm going to post about Once a week. Check out "About" to see what the blog should be about. Welcome to my blog! Enjoy!!